Sunday, November 26, 2006

Revisiting SXSW 2006, Part 3

Band: The Weird Weeds

What I said back then about "
Holy Train Wrecks": "Weird Weeds use acoustic guitar folk as a jumping off point to make what is in its essential "art" music - here describing the quiet before and after an accident."

What's happened since March:
  • After two records that saw the band careen between a folk-pop outfit that uses improv and noise elements towards a improv-noise band that colors outside the lines of folk and pop, the band released a long-player in August entitled Weird Feelings that sees them comfortably plopped somewhere in between those two extremes.
  • Two on-air performances hither and yon
  • An east coast college and NYC/Chicago tour completed. A west coast tour is about to kick off which will include dates with Gray Daturas, Jana Hunter and Dead Science
  • Recently announced is a split 7" with Shapes and Sizes that will kick off a new Asthmatic Kitty project called Unusual Animals - streaming here.
Myspace stats:
Fun Fact: The Weird Weeds utilize Creative Commons license 2.5 which allows free distribution for non-commercial purposes

Hype Machine Buzz: Low to Medium... Well-liked on popular MP3 blog GvsB (their second appearance) but more likely to be seen in MP3 blog mixes such as the recent Communications Major mix here.

"The Butcher" from This is What You Want EP - entire album available for download here
"Ribs and Wrinkles" from Hold Me -- more downloads here
"For You To See Me" from most recent release Weird Feelings

Photo taken from and instore at Austin's End of an Ear record store - they got a ton of other band photos here and here for your viewing enjoyment.

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