Friday, June 10, 2005

Coffee and Cigarettes Mp3 Mix #18(?)q

The Switchblade Sisters

Have We All Lost Our Minds?

"Charlton Heston Has Lost His Mind" - The Chuck Hestons
"StoryTeller" - qr5
"r u a jonathan fan?" - Lydia Lunch
"Never the Last Time" - Soft Eyes
"The O.C." - The Assault
"Michael Jackson's Summer Camp For Boys" - Three Bricks Shy
"Druganaut" - Black Mountain

Acknowledgements: This is an update because I originally failed to give props to the websites that host some of these MP3s and hope you can go visit them.

The Lydia Lunch promo/cut came from Cam Archer's website - go check out his short johnny spots based on his short film about the life, the fame and the death of Jonathan Brandis.

The Black Mountain cut comes from their record label, Jagjaguwar. The song comes off the Druganaut EP which was recently released on CD.


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I edited this because I got one of the band's name wrong and accidentally changed the title and so has picked it up again. Sorry to visitors if you have already seen this.