Sunday, October 02, 2005

NY Daily News Got It Wrong

A posting (news story?) by Dawn Eden at the New York Daily News site claims that I wrote something which I didn't about Jack White of the White Stripes. I didn't write it nor did I try to take credit for it. I have no idea why the NYDN and Ms. Eden said I did.

Jim H of Vinyl Mine ( believes that, if the experience of Zellweger's previous love, White Stripes guitarist Jack White, is anything to go by, Chesney's set for a creative windfall.

For proof, he offers an MP3 of the White Stripes' "Forever for Her (Is Over for Me)."

Zellweger "has clearly drawn out some perverse extremes in Jack White's songwriting," Jim H writes, "as his gallant front crumbles into wounded pride, paranoia, and undiluted spite."

In fact, Matt Perpetua of Fluxblog wrote it and you can read it here. Please don't think that I stole this or was taking credit for it.

Thanks! And thanks to Large Hearted Boy for pointing it out in his Daily Shorties. Normally, I would be honored.

Jim H


Dawn writes to Matt (and cc's me) - as I suspected - an honest mistake - I'm the guy who writes about 20 year old music, Matt writes about tomorrow's stuff...:

Dear Matt,

I am so sorry for my goof in my column. I was
surfing the links from, trying to decide
which Web pages to write about, and--with both blogs open
on my screen--I confused them.
I will publish a correction in next week's
column. Again, my apologies.

All the best,


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pauline joy said...

I recently found your website via; I have a friend who has also taken on your endeavor.. ripping records and saving them. I love the effort and this website. The Godfather's song is soo good. Thank you for all this.