Thursday, November 17, 2005

No Wait Wait

NWW (Marc Gartman ex-Pale Horse and Rider and Alan Sparhawk of Low's side project) have released an entire album of new music online last week and not one MP3 blog (not even Large Hearted Boy!) seems to have noticed. I've been listening to it all day and yeah I'd have paid $12 for it.

I'm not familiar with Gartman's body of work but for Low fans, this is album is a kind of methadone fix until and whenever the next batch of the white horse arrives.

Said fans may especially be interested in "Amends" - which answers the question of what would Low sound like if they were more angular and electronic (and also seems to be an extension of Alan's letter to his fans earlier this year) ... one of the links appears to be broken and I've dropped a line to Mr. Gartman. Also, note that Neil Youngian - Beach Boy - Low vibe of "How to Fake it" (Thrasher, note) ... Other highlights are the enigmatic "Alabama," the very Low with a bit of twang "On Your Own" and the cowboy space stomp "Lost in the Bottle"...

Download the rest of the album (plus other NWW Mp3s) here:

No Wait Wait - The Larsen Sessions

(Again, sorry about the lack of posting. I am finishing up this weekend with the show I am playing and am enjoying some other great things in my life)

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