Saturday, August 26, 2006

Minutemen: Double Nickels On The Dime

Hard to write about a record and band that has gotten so much attention lately what with the highly recommended We Jam Econo movie and DVD, the upcoming Michael Fournier and the Our Band Could Be Your Life book. The January, 2006 interview between Fournier and Watt was posted on Watt's site and provides a ton of insight into the record (as well as documenting more of Watt's unique slang). For instance, who knew how much James Joyce's Ulysses influenced Watt in his song writing?

In the raw interview footage on the We Jam Econo DVD, Watt calls Double Nickels the band's "art" album and that's kinda correct from his sense. But boon's songs are more about rock and roll and politics and history When Boon was "art" - it always seemed it was Watt behind it - using scraps of paper he found in Boon's car for lyrics and so on. And Hurley's songs are just, well, like nothing else on the album -- dream-based lyrics, free jams, and funky standard-shattering drum fills and beats.

First, how about the three songs that the CD version of this left out due to space problems - although I'd argue that this album deserve a double CD and LP reissue with outtakes and the full album and outtakes if they exist - if it's good enough for Sonic Youth's 80's rock, well...fucking get it together, SST:

And a few of my favorites (although this list changes on a regular basis):
  • "This Ain't No Picnic" - Boon's "take this job and shove it" song - only so much better than Paycheck
  • "God Bows To Math" - a pre-Math rock song - at any rate, a great minimalist effort from Boon who was normally more wont to add some jam into the guitar lead
  • "It's Expected I'm Gone" - Speaking of... this song was covered by Tortoise and Bonnie "Prince" Billy last year - the song was also sampled by Pinback in "Hurley" which was recently featured at Gramophone
  • But this discounts the other 39 great songs on this record! So go buy it or sumpin'...

d. boon (RIP) - guitar & singing
mike watt - bass
george hurley - drums
photo by a. peak from inside album

More Outer links:
Wikipedia's Minutemen and Double Nickels page
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Get a Double Nickels On The Dime recording of your very own
I was going to mention the Rolling Stone 500 but then realized what albums beat it (lol)
And let's not forget these two tracks that I believe are left off the CD... great fodder for your mixes...

Saved Round:
The etching inside run-off grooves:
side d. - "arena rock is the new wave"
side mike - "punk rock is the new nostalgia"
side george - "dance rock is the new pasture"
side chaff - "chump rock is the new cool"

and last but not least:

from the liner notes - drawing by the great Raymond Pettibon...


John said...

seriously...why hasn't the Minutemen catalog been given a loving treatment yet?

dana said...

Great post about my favorite album ever. Thanks.

CHE said...

Ginn claims he is in the final stages of getting new distribution with the SST catalog and perhaps remastering the whole lot....time will only tell
I was suprised you did not link:
If you have never seen it-you are in for a treat...

Jim H said...

I linked to CornDogs a few posts ago and since Watt links to them, I thought people would find them eventually. Great site, at any rate.

cagey house said...

I always felt like not only could this record kick my ass--it could also get a better SAT score. And it would also probably buy me a beer. It's really something.

malfeitor said...

Thanks a ton from someone who used to own the vinyl and bought the CD years ago without realizing there were tracks missing. I brought it home, sat down, and listened to it all the way through and thought to myself, "something doesn't seem right".

Courtney said...

100 Records currently has a review up about this album, along with a link to a previous review of it by me. Songs posted as well.

Mike said...

The book's probably coming out in March, they tell me. Thanks for the shoutout!

Layne said...

Any chance of a re-up? Specifically, I need them there car jams to have my digital "Double Nickels" complete.
Please and Thank You.