Thursday, June 04, 2009

Zombies on Your Lawn

Geez, what's wrong with bloggers these days - here's this great theme song from one of the greatest VGs of the year and no one is giving it love. We'll just have to fix that and make sure this gets some Hype Machine luv and lolz.

Laura Shigahara - "Zombies On Your Lawn"

(Great for kids mix tapes - proof).

Ms. Shigahara's blog has this perm-loaded (we'll only be offering our zombie killing lawn for a limited time). Snatch up the Japanese version as well (even MORE fun for kids mix tapes) and check out the link to the viddie she got shot for this song.


Anonymous said...

i found a really cool site dedicated to vinyl that you should check out...heres the link:

Alessandro said...

Hi, I´m sorry to bother you. I´m from Brazil and a big Dogmatics fan for a long time. I´m looking for the mp3 of "teenage girls" that was on "rocks turn to stone" compilation. You made it available in an old post (from 2005) but the link is broken. Is there anyway you can send me this mp3? It would really mean a lot to me.

My e-mail is

Thank you for your attention.

Yoru said...

Thanks for the mp3! :)