Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Can I get a God damn amen?

Lightning Love

And number one with a bullet today...

Beath Jeans Houghton @ Komedia

Sweet Tooth Bird - Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny.  Destined to be a rockestra masterpiece, kinda of reminds me of how I felt with early Fiery Furnaces before they got boring.  Ms. Houghton should have quite a future ahead of her and we (meaning, you know, just me...) all anticipate her upcoming album.  Also check out her Liliputt single from 2011.

Also peaking in the playlist

Bullet in the Gun - The Delorentos - Pouges / Springsteen / Walkmen / Hold Steady amalgamation kind of sounds bad at first read but for some reason works in this pub anthem.  Sing along, I'm gonna.

Cry, Cry, Crow - The Pines.  Have loved this group since 2009 and glad they haven't mershed out like Great Lake Swimmers.  This fine bit of folk gothic follows the archetypal lost gentleman through the Styxian agricultural landscape and would make a great addition to the soundtrack for American Gods if it really is going to get made.

Deadbeat - Lightning Love.  What was I saying yesterday about how we probably wouldn't get good new pop music if 20-something girls didn't fall in love with louses.  Think of this as the sequel to "Johnny, Are You Queer?"

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