Saturday, February 19, 2005

Coffee & Cigarettes MP3 Mix #11

Morning After Mix

Troll - L
Deep Sunny South - Pelt
Blues Run The Game - Wizz Jones
My Flower - Damon & Naomi
Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock (referring page)


Anonymous said...

This is a good low volume morning mix - works on headphones or ambiently, preferably in a room with no carpets and little on the walls to absorb the sound.

thenoiseboy said...

Interesting that you post to a version of "Blues Run the Game". I'm currently waiting for it to download. But, while I wait, I'll post this link: recently posted about the original. I wasn't aware of the version you posted.

Jim H said...

Thanks for the link - I missed it the first time but I had just was over at your site reading the Dead Boys posting. Yah, its certainly a good tune. Whizz Jones has some other MP3s there worth checking out.

Anonymous said...
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