Friday, February 04, 2005

Yeah, it's almost a year old but "The Rat" by the Walkmen is a great Friday rock-out song. Not entirely in love with the rest of the album (Bows & Arrows) but this single gets turned up to 11 when I'm in my car.

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John said...

that song is brilliant weekend music for the line "when i used to go out, i would know everyone that i saw / now i go out alone if i go out at all".

i've said the walkmen could be considered one of the official "aging hipster rock" bands, which should become a huge trend in the next few years as we all grow (ack) older.

Jim H said...

That would make the Sonic Y's "aged hipsters"?

John said...

hmm....objection! leading the witness.

actually, i always thought this was an untapped market...people who are in their thirties, even forties, yet their musical tastes haven't aged to the AC portion of what's out there, still searching out vital new sounds...

pulp actually did somewhat of a concept album on the subject of growing old but not wanting to "get old" ("This Is Hardcore").

but yeah, SY? eternally Youth. how's that?