Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Coffee and Haiku, MP3 Mix #17

four dry drums mutter

smarting through Winter's fractures

fooled by the Spring's flow

OJ Gude - Aarktica

Buzzbag Drive - Bee Queen* (from Body Shop)

My Winter Song - Gannon

Real World - Dasman* (From Dream CD Bought through Gemm, no longer in stock)

6654321 - Pagoda

* Songs hosted by Vinyl Mine - all other hosted by band or label

Photo by mykaul

1 comment:

Seb said...

That Beequeen song is killer. I'm a sucker for a little twang and a good drum sample.

By the way, I'm indeed a fan of The Wire, and I remember the hand-wringing in Baltimore this past winter as we awaited the news of renewal VS. cancellation. But being without cable or the cash to dish out for the boxset, my viewing is limited to a handful of episodes.