Thursday, December 15, 2005

Coffee and Cigarettes MP3 Mix: Suburban Decay

Owl Prone
"Mirror Stage" - Collapsing Opposites
"The Sun Again" - Vedett
"Birds, Cats, Piano" - Metal (see also Artistry)
"You Told Me You Loved Me" - Wolfo (aka Horsemachine aka Robbie/Poopfilter)
"Systems of Social Recalibration" - Aspects of Physics (source)

Liner notes: Some new bands I've picked up via the web, links from other bands that I like and longish crawling through myspace... that's my photo there, taken in my older brother's backyard. The owl apparently is to scare off certain types of birds that plague suburbanites but had fallen on the ground. I suspect I may come back in Spring and he'll still be there waiting to be put back on his perch.

None of these bands really have much to do with suburbia so far as I can tell but they seem to fit the mood of the silent owl somehow. Collapsing Opposites leads off the set - he's a child care worker by day so he tries out alot of his songs on a captive audience, so to speak. Tons more downloads at his site. Vedett is a Dungen like band from Belgium and you know about as much as me. There's more songs at their site. Metal appears to be part of one of those collectives but they are too cool to call themselves such. At any rate, it's a nice ambient piano (improv?) where birds and outside sounds provide accompaniang. "You Told Me You Loved ME" proves nice new songs can come from acoustic guitars - the artist who appears to be linked with Metal. Finally, Aspects of Physics recorded "Systems" in 2005 but it took me long enough to find it. Great little meditation piece to end the set.

SAVED ROUND: Speaking of new music, Opuszine has two new Liz Durrett tracks up from her Jan 2006 release - The Mezzanine ... we last wrote about her here.

...also here's a link to a recent Meredith Bragg performance at the Kennedy Center - requires RealPlayer.

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