Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's a God-damn Crime...

... that I didn't have tickets to last night's Volcano Suns Maxwell's reunion show or Thursday's Boston gig at the Middle East.

All hail the Suns who reunited this week... Rumors abound of a tour but it may have to be postponed until after the MoB release/tour next year.

Alas, tickets were sold out long before I heard of it. If you went, tell me how it was.

They have generously set up a Myspace with downloads or you can stream four songs, pictures of the band (you have to register to see these - sorta like a porn site), gig adverts, notes on their rehearsals, etc. here...

LHB has a clip from a Boston newspaper review. Update: Brett Milano provides a less jaded account.

Volcano Suns - "Blown Stack - Engines" - from All Night Lotus Party

"You only get this offer for a limited time..."

Daniel Cohen has a nice picture of the Suns gig here in Boston which I'm temporarily showing up to the leftside of my blog.

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Eric said...

I had no idea until about the reunion until you mentioned. Fantastic news indeed. I gotta move to a bigger city so I'm not continually missing these shows. Please note this comment will have to suffice for all of the other posts I meant to comment on (Killdozer, Dr. Know, Screaming Trees, etc.) in the past month.

Happy New Year!