Sunday, February 26, 2006

Best of SXSW 2006 (C-E)

Cat Scientist - "I Saved An Airplane" - I really wanted to hate them just based on that band photo. It reeks of indie-self-satisfaction. Bearded and bespectacled hepcats rehearsing in the basement, living in AustinhomeofSXSW, the chick in the band with a goofy hairdo, the animal namecheck in the name, the whole snark and schmoo-bang ... and when I heard the toy keyboard drums leading off the cut I thought I was right. But now I can't shake the whole Jefferson Airplane feedback tinged vocals, the tongue-in-cheek topical lyrics ("I'm concerned about air safety / I worked on the problem for many hours") and the grooving rhythm stick, even the sitar and *sigh* Casio drums - hi-yah, ok I'm a believer. And they got extra points for not spelling airplane as "aeroplane" ((fun SXSW fact, there are two bands with the word "Aeroplane" in their names))

Catfish Haven - "Please Come Back" - There are bands with better names in this bunch (Coach Said Not To, f'rinstance) and while I hate the notion of calling them a lo-fi acoustic Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, I'm gonna have to and normally that would be an insult.

Charanga Cakewalk - "Belleza" - Some latin lounge music suitable for the Robert Rodriguez's next Desperado movie or the soon-to-be long-awaited sequel to Kill Bill.

Chas. Mtn. - "Mothure" - Quivering lo-fi folk (guitar and keyboards/handclaps) for the Western Vinyl showcase. Other songs available on their Myspace page are noisier urging comparisons to Akron/Family.

Chris and Thomas - "Take These Thoughts" - I hate when I agree with that Hollywood twerp on Morning Becomes Eclectic. I think their website mentions Nick Drake about 18,764 times just in case you don't get the picture but it ain't half as damaged or sad - mostly just good coffeehouse music. Yeah, I'm kinda resigned to the fact I'll be hating them in Starbucks in a year.

Christine Fellows - "Migrations" - A piano lady from Neil Young's homeland with a gift for unpredictable lyrics and pretty arrangements.

Crimson Sweet - "Eat The Night" - Take the singer from the Distillers, triple her whiskey and cigarettes intake and add an organ.

Curt Kirkwood - "Beautiful Weapon" - This isn't recommended but included for those who remember better days for this songwriter. Boring and bland.

Drums and Tuba
- "Four Notes of April" - If you've been paying attention, I've already linked to this MP3 in the past. Great music for driving - too bad the rest of the album doesn't measure up.

Duke Special - "Freewheel" - Awesome pop song that evokes Temptations, Beatles, Wings, Beach Boys, Country music (did I miss any).... whew. What Top 40 should sound like.

Editors - "Munich" - Franz Ferdinand in Interpol drag. And surprisingly, it works.

Elliot Brood - "Second Son" - This set is rife with folk and alt-country but even with a mandolin and bango, this rocks like a motherlover.

Erin Roberts / Porlolo (pictured right) - "Scratch My Back" - Can't you not be in love? She dances in flouncy thrift shop dresses, she sings like she has a mouthful of nickels and she plays trumpet and accordion. Fine, fine song, too.


Jakob said...

hey, for the F installment, you might wanna check out the foxymorons. they're playing an SXSW show on march 17th @ spiro's patio. good stuff!

Ben said...

What, no Dirty on Purpose?

Jim H said...

Nope didn't really like the song ("Girls and Sunshine") - although Dirty Projectors song was in the running.

matt h. said...

who is this porlolo? i love the song.

Darren said...

Holy crap, Jim...a great SXSW rundown....thanks for the extensive, well-informed band breakdown.


Solomon Grundy said...

I like the Dirty on Purpose song, but oh well.

Good rundown, thanks from those of us too lazy to sift through the 900 mp3s on the official site.