Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Beanbag chair

I'm doing okay but need some more time... until then I ran across a new track from the next Yo La Tengo album. thing my Mom and I bonded over last year was Tengo's Summer Sun CD - out for a drive when I took her shopping. I was planning on giving it to her next time I saw her.

As a kid, we also had a beanbag chair - but then didn't everyone in the 70's?

Anyway, thanks for all your supporting comments in the previous post.

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zTransmissions said...

"I'm doing okay but need some more time..."

are you apologizing for not posting? dude, it is not to worry.

by the way, your story about yo la tengo and your mom is nice. gives me a reason to like them.

also, i was the only kid who did NOT have a beanbag in the 70s but i wanted one more than anything and hated my parents for not falling for it.