Sunday, October 01, 2006

Feed Me Feed You

I just read some nice words about my weblog (thanks) but the crux of the post was that I don't have an RSS feed as this person preferred to read through the feed. I do have an RSS (well, atom) feed and I also publish the entire post rather than just an excerpt. Here's my atom feed which most readers can handle (I realize there's some geekery about the differences between RSS and atom and RSS 2.0 blahblahblah). You can also just subscribe to my MP3s via Hype Machine or at least the MP3s that Hype Machine decides are worthy.

Hype Machine is how I get feeds from other blogs who don't publish an RSS feed such as Gorilla vs. Bear (apologies if this blog does publish one, I just haven't been able to find it).

One of the reasons I like Google Reader (and it's very nice recent update) is that it can usually find a feed for a site automatically.

The next time I republish my template, I'll be sure to put the atom feed up there so no one runs into this again.

UPDATE: I did an RSS feed managed through Feedburner:

As long as I'm here, some things to note. Spoilt Victorian Child is one of the music blogs that first welcomed me with a sidebar link. They recently ceased operations although Simon has a burgeoning online record label going. Another person who helped me out early with encouragement was Jason from Misery and Mystery. Or is it Mystery and Misery? Anyway, after a too long hiatus, Spaceman is back with a redesign that goes forward to the basics. I've noticed alot of new music blogs eschewing the sidebars and going for a blog that really emphasizes writing over the "bells and whistles".

I want this car even with the little whirley gig on top. I'll feel way cooler than Ed Begley in it, after all. It'll be like my answer to the biking to work crowd -- I do need a car at work since I often have to jump in it to go to meetings off site but the Bikers Uber Alles crowd can never seem to understand that (most of them being programmers or "kept" engineers who don't have to go out and make site visits)

Not much other linky-linky today although I'm digging this Google video someone put together with Little Brother's Atari 2600. Link via WFMU. You can download the song here. "Y'know what I'm sayin'? What about Pitfall?"

I admit that I watched the Veronica Mars Seasons 3 opener over at No spoilers here, sorry. But first I spent the afternoon installing Internet Explorer 7. And just in time. Firefox users beware.

Large-Hearted Boy linked to a new (free) online release from that Arthur Digby band. I dig "Lisa" (which David also linked to) which first appeared in a compilation about imaginary friends I blogged about way back.

With the Breeders Cup coming up in a few weeks, I watched the Arc d'Triomphe this morning on TV-G (the essential horse-racing channel) and found the odds on the Japanese horse (Deep Impact at 1-5) to be horrendously low. This guy did the right thing and bet to win on every other horse. And mid to longshot won nicely and the guy doubled his money at the expense of most of the Japanese betting public. Hey, it isn't often you get to make money on another country's pride (well, unless you're with Halliburton or CACI).

And I leave you with a rave review in the Washington Post for Neil Gaiman's new book of short stories. Narnia fans and Naria haters alike will be interested in reading this tale:
Ever felt a shot of sympathy for poor Susan, banished from heaven in the Narnia Chronicles for being "too fond of lipsticks and nylons and invitations to parties"? Here is an exploration of the elderly Susan's last moments, created out of dissatisfaction with Lewis's priggish treatment of his female characters.
Listen to Neil read the forward to Fragile Things here.

OOPS! UPDATE: Almost forgot to link to this - Sonic Youth scanned in the faux fanzine - lyric book for Rather Ripped (I think it only came in a limited version). via Arthur Magazine's blog.

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