Friday, October 27, 2006

Lou and David together

So I'm reading about the Jordan Catelano - Frodo "fight" and I'm somehow reminded of the 70's bitch-slapfest reported in Rolling Stone between David Bowie and Lou Reed. I remember reading that there was lots of girlish slapping and screaming and so on.

So.... this led to some random googling where I came across this Youtube video of Reed playing at Bowie's 50th birthday bash singing "Queen Bitch" - the song Bowie wrote for Reed before they went on the outs . Nice to see they made up (although Lou Reed looks a bit wary of David in the clip). I had forgotten what great song this was (warning to your significant others: playing this loud may cause bouts of bedroom air guitar).

I try to keep the You-Rube action to a bare minimum here but I couldn't help sharing.

Hey, Generation Y, "our" girly-man bitch/slap fests are sooooooooo much more epic than yours.

Speaking of Lou Reed and tranvestite singer duets Fabulist has a track of Mr. Reed playing his organ with Antony. (Fabulist is an under-rated blog I've grown to enjoy over the past few weeks and been meaning to throw into the blogroll -- great to look at (the blog) and always something interesting to listen to or look at.)

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sarah said...

That was/is the stuff of legend! I'm talking the youtube post and the story of the bitch slaps! I have always wondered~What the HELL do Bowie say to Lou to cause such a riot? But he was a moody thing, that Reed! LOL!