Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If he doesn't get elected, the kids get a cat?

The candidates were recently asked by the Washington Post (Kid's Page)

"When you are President do you think you will have a pet in the White House?"

McCain has a menagerie: "If I am elected president, I will definitely have pets in the White House. At home in Arizona, we have 21 pets: Sam, an English springer spaniel; Coco, a mutt; Oreo, a black and white cat; three parakeets; 13 saltwater fish; and the newest additions: Lucy and Desi, teacup Yorkshire terriers. If I am elected president, they'll all get to move to Washington."

So much for returning dignity to the White House. Maybe we can move the White House to where it really belongs. The National Zoo.

Obama has commissioned research into the issue: "When I started running for president, Michelle and I promised Malia and Sasha that they could get a dog when we move into the White house -- and they're holding me to that promise! Malia has been doing a lot of research into dog breeds just to make sure she is ready."

This would make a great commercial. Obama at the gates of the White House, a gun held a dog's head, his daughter standing next to him horrified. "Elect me or the Puppy gets it..."

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