Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Neil Diamond, shame on you

Brooklyn Vegan posted this photo of Neil Diamond:

For some reason this "deer in the headlights" look you so rarely get from a polished performer made me remember my one of my first albums. I also remember when my Mom had a "talk" with me about the dirty lyrics ("hot damn! hot damn! hot damn!") in Neil Diamond's album Moods:

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Joe Wallace said...

GREAT blog...I found you while searching for fellow vinyl-obsessed bloggers (mine's and dropped you some blog love:

Your LPD rant from four years back is hilarious...and the Neil Diamond cover is, well, so misguided and wrong that it should be blown up to poster size. How would you like THAT face staring at you day and night? You could hang it side by side with those scary 1970s country music portrait album covers and create your own pancake makeup freakshow.

But I digress....great blog. More please.