Monday, February 02, 2009

With apologies to Melzer: A HypeM Listening Party

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream- Slap, slap, slap...slap..slap...slap...slap......slapslapslapslap.

The Main Drag - A Jagged Gorgeous Winter - Memo to the surviving members of The Postal Service: hire more lawyers.

Jet Weston - GroundHog - This one-tooth hick song will definitely make it onto my next Feral Niece (Tm) mix CD.

Megadeth - The Killing Road - I'd say this is more like it, maaan, but Megadeth megasucks

Death Cab For Cutie - Love Song- I just watched My Fair Lady on HDNet last night so who the fuck am I to criticize someone's manhood. Great musical - never realized what an original stalker song that Freddy who sings "On The Street Where You Live" is... and and Higgins is so gay for Pickering and Pickering so wants to tap that guttersnipe Eliza.

Katy Perry - Black and Gold (Sam Sparro Cover) - Anyone know a five letter word for "Okay Legally". First letter "L" and last two "IT" - it is not LEGIT.

Mixel Pixel - Sinking Feeling - I found this in my underwear.

Avengers - We Are The One -Penelope Houston's wiki entry is one line longer than Houston (the singer)'s entry. Ha. Also, I love noisy vinyl rips.

Kentucky Nightmare - Caroline & I- Hippies dance from their hips /thrusting their big belt buckles /in tight smelly jeans

Kentucky Nightmare - Going Back To Lucy- Harmlessly indie-pop sweetsong with non-predictable chorus and animaly collectively harmonliess that aren't flayed and stretched by that gawful reverb machine. Bloomington, huh? Worth a place in the library. Read full post

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grapple said...

worst blog I've ever read. bitch moan bitch moan. you ca'nt write and your opinion is worthless. twaddle twaddle twaddle