Tuesday, February 03, 2009

HypeM Lunchtime Listening Party

Nathan Hollywood - mediocre spooky cowboy songs. Laughing Evergreens

Flight of the Conchords - We're supposed to take them seriously outside the context of the TV show? F that. They ain't that good. Music from a Green Window

Anonymous??? "Died in Ya Arms" - Mixtape DJs....zzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzz.... oh wait, I'm white I'm supposed to claim this is very good pat child on head for being sooooo clever replaying someone else's music. F that. Subservient Experiment

The Unbearables - Twee pinky-finger extended chamber orchestra rock. You will want to kill yourself five minutes into it. Sufjan, pls smite your bastards. Subservient Experiment

The Police - Roxanne (Discotech remix). Some things should remain buried. Unless this was meant to be an example of "comedy rock" ... Chromemusic


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you might be doing a SXSW preview this year. The ones you've done in the past have been great.

Virginia said...

Hi there. I love your blog and all of the music you post -except for the occasional odd remix. Anyway, in March 2007 you uploaded a song by Phillip Roebuck called "Pocket Knife." I adore the song and haven't been able to find it using any search engine and want to use it for one of my music theory classes. If you could re-upload it maybe-pretty-please, that would be awesome.

Thank you! And keep up the great blog. <3

Anonymous said...

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