Monday, May 24, 2004

Boston Herald has a review of a MoB show that looks really intersting:

It wasn't even down to the band's clever, though sensual musicianship, as an intangible energy held sway as the left-wing liberal proto punks barreled through two long punchy sets, as well as two passion-packed encores that included a new tune, ``13,'' and a stinging cover of the Wipers' ``Youth of America.''
Aided throughout by an old colleague, Waltham-born Chicago resident Bob Weston, on sound manipulation, Burma was briefly joined at various points by Tanya Donnelly, who added her special feminine sweetness; the Allston Philharmonic, as guitarist Roger Miller referred to a violinist and cellist; and members of openers Hand of Sunburned Man, who displayed serious percussion

I found sometime this weekend to digitize the Tin Huey album (I'm slow but careful) and am going to work on Sharkey's Machine "Let's Be Friends" tonight.

So should I post some mp3s???


darkness said...

I should have gone to this show. Most definitely. But geez, how hard is it to get a band's name right? The openers were Sunburned Hand of the Man, not whatever the Globe's designated jackass called them.

darkness said...

Wow, hey, that comment was directed not at you but at the writer from the Globe. Somebody who's paid to write about pop music should at least get the names of the people they're writing about correct.

You're doing a good job with this site thus far. Thanks a lot, and keep it up.

Jim H said...

Thanks for the compliment and stopping by.... actually it was the Herald, Boston's second rate newspaper. I never got any hits on the Globe regarding Burma's resurgence. Sounded like a great show, though as I imagine most of the Boston shows are.