Sunday, May 30, 2004

Exploratory Drilling For Gems in the Deep Hot Auralsphere, Part 1
A mostly irreverent, irrelevant, irregular feature done so I can avoid cleaning my house, taking out the trash and digitizing my vinyl
Who, wha, where?
Wha'd they say?
What I say
Where its at
Galaxie 500

From: Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste (1987-1991)
2DVD set -
DVD cover

Insound: one of indie rock's most influential and beloved bands...DVD includes videos and  an archive of 40 songs as well as an unreleased 7"

The deluxe booklet contains exclusive photos and a new interview with members Dean Wareham, Damon Krukowski, and Naomi Yang, conducted by Yo La Tengo's James McNew."
I am eagerly awaiting the DVD as soon as I figure out where to get it (I'm assuming NOT Netflix)... If the NY Dolls can get back together, maybe this DVD will bring Galaxie back together (and they're all alive!)....

This live mp3recording of "Ceremony"  requires patience through the muddy  warm-up but should have you swirling and jumping around by mid-point... yo, hand me my neck brace...

Insound (mp3)

Bonus mystery download
(mp3, ogg format)
The Distillers
"L.A. Girl"
L.A. Girl

Amazon Reviewer: LA Girl- Pretty good song, but her voice is grating. 8/10 (Amazon reviewer)

Polish Guy: "2 girlies from US"
If you'd ask me what current capital-P Punk band that is still together that I dig, I would say The Distillers  -I  love how they  carry on in  the L.A. Punk / Germs/ Nirvana  tradition (for lack of better word).   Coral Fang (currently on  iTunes) was one of last year's favoritesalthough it is different from their debut  -wherein L.A. Girl first appeared. This is a live version I found on a Polish music fan's website  --  I'm assuming it'sdone  with the pre-Coral Fang  '99-00 line-up.  You can hear the original LP version from the Amazon download although the quality is pretty crappy and I would recommend you look for it elsewhere.

Download live version here (mp3) from Polish Guy's Website

Amazon Download of Studio Version (yes I know it says this is the Joe Strummer but Amazon must have made a mistake - you also need to have an amazon account to download)

Xiu Xiu
"Apistat Commander"
from Fag Patrol
Fag Patrol EP

"The moment when, pitted against a throbbing, impenetrable wall of industrial noise and organic hiss, Stewart's unstable tenor wails, "Oh, this relief it's the oddest thing/ Oh my god oh my god oh my god," constitutes the most moving musical climax I've heard this year. While some are put off by the over-the-top, undeniably confrontational nature of Xiu Xiu's music, it's the very willingness to overstep conventionally accepted boundaries of expression that renders their music so incredibly affecting. link
Oh Iggy, I hate it when a buncha 28" waist, vegan, no-tattooed, shorthair, bottle-water drinkin' non-hooligans make some of the most awesome racket in a small room with only a guitar, a bunch of antique instruments and obscure percussionalia. 
This mp3 found at Stupid like the Wolf.

Visit Xiu Xiu home page

KillRockStars Xiu Xiu page (with additional mp3 downloads
all recommended)

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