Saturday, May 15, 2004


I look at the boxes and boxes of recorded music in my den closet and I wonder how did it all get there.

What drove me to buy all this stuff that I haven't listened to in years?

Was it to be cool? Perhaps in my own mind but since I am not a social butterfly it's only a rare occasion that I can find someone that shares my tastes and for which I can share this or that gem.

Was it because I am a collector? I don't think so, at least not in the Goldmine sense -- I am using their grading system but only in case people are interested in acquiring any of these records. Perhaps there are some records in there that are worth alot but I kind of doubt it. It's not like I was overly scrupolous in the care of the records. They've been moved commercially thrice now and I didn't take any special precautions or send them specially.

Was it because I felt I was part of something when I was buying music, mostly from indies and alternative channels? I sure remember the anticipation of getting a big mailorder box or finding a wanted gem for $7.99 and at the independent record stores in Baltimore and DC. Going out to shows and meeting other fans and the bands even was always something to look forward to. But I never got into the political stuff (mostly left-wing though I did know a few right-wing skinheads) -- sure I had a anti-censorship and even an anti-organized religion bent back then but you didn't have to be part of any music scene to find others that shared those particular political opinions.

Maybe this is a question I'll get to answer over the course of this journey -- this stuff is, to some degree, part of me. Maybe not, but it will be fun to find out whether this music now some 10-25 year later still matters ...

UPDATE ON A PREVIOUS POST: Mission of Burma tonight. Tick-tock. Good news and bad news -- good news: the Washington Post did an article on their return in the Friday Weekend section - nice to see them get publicity and see their latest publicity shot. Bad news -- the Post did an article on their return in the Weekend section -- this may lead to a crowded show. Ugh. I hate to rub shoulders with people. Hoping for some bad weather as this may keep a few people away. (I know this sounds awful for the band but they see to be pretty content and not totally wanting for the money).

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