Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I'm on a business trip this week so posting will be sporadic and since I don't have my turntable here, it will be kind of hard to work on the project.

In case my three readers ((hi, hello and hey) have noticed, I've cleaned up my links on the right, added some, deleted some - sticking as much as I can to the topic. I may start another blog to publish my rantings and ravings.

I also came upon two cool sites over the weekend. The first is an archive of Meat Puppet live shows. Some of the recordings are very good and the owner has taken the trouble to create separate MP3s. I recommend the shows from Slims, Roxy, Fillmore and the Mardi Gras as some of the others aren't the best recordings. In some cases he has gotten commentary from Derrick Bostrom. The Mardi Gras show sound isn't the greatest either but its the earlier recording (1981) so as a historical document, it's a must have.

The site is wohlers.org. Have a blast putting together your "fantasy show" playlist. I did so and it made the plane ride alot more enjoyable - the kids were looking at me wondering why I was smiling and bopping my head.

The other site is a fan site dedicated to the Minutemen and while it hasn't been updated for a while, it's a great repository of live Minutmen and other recordings from that monster group -- you might have noticed that I have put a link to Mike Watt's excellent home page over on the right (there it is, under artists). Mike is currently playing with Iggy (!!!) overseas if I read his page correctly. Oh, the name of the Minutemen repository is corndogs.org. I haven't gotten a chance to go through it like I did the wohlers site (I did pull down the link he has to a thurston moore - mike watt protest song that sounds reall great) but intend to at some point.

Drop the webmasters a line when you get a chance and tell them how much you appreciate what they have done.

Now to go re-explore my old stomping ground (San Diego)....

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Anonymous said...

Make that FOUR readers. Vinyl Mine rocks (or maybe grooves).

Bay City, Michigan.

"In case my three readers ((hi, hello and hey) have noticed,"