Thursday, June 10, 2004

This week's entry will be early as I'm heading up to Phillie for the weekend.  Filthadelphia.  The City of Brotherly Bloooooood, 'Delphia, Illadelphia, Quaker's Hell, Philly!  OK, OK.  That's all the nicknames I know. 

Here's some news stories of interest I came across this week:
  • In the wake of Quine's death, Akron acknowledges its a town of wierdos and iconclasts.  Take that National Lampoon (anyone else remember Dacron, Ohio as the hometown for the NL yearbook??).  Tin Huey, Devo, Jim Jarmusch, Rita Dove, Paul "Fab Furry Bro" Mavrides.  By the way, if you are an iTunes person, Quine's VU collection is available there.

  • From MTV News: "Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes will release a solo album, Gibby Haynes & His Problem, on August 31. The disc will feature 11 songs including "Kaiser" and "Redneck Sex." Buttholes member Paul Leary guests on keyboards and mixed half the tracks. ..."

  • Also announced Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are eyeing a September release on Mute for their 13th studio album, a two-disc set titled "Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus." It's the first album since the departure of longtime guitarist Blixa Bargeld, but features longtime Cave collaborators such as producer Nick Launay, multi-instrumentalist Mick Harvey, violinist Warren Ellis and bassist Martyn Casey, among others."

  • Favorite DVD this week is:  Bubba-HoTep.  Been watching Bruce Campbell since the '80s ("Evil Dead") so it's great to see him whenever he's headlining. Along with that guy from Re-animator (Jeffrey Combs), he's my favorite B-Movie actor. Yeah, yeah, I know ... Brad Dourif doesn't count since he's a A-Movie actor who plays B-Movie characters. OK? Got it?  Watch Bubba once and then listen to The King's voiceover.  Campbell has done his homework and his commentary is chock full of little known Elvis facts including a recounting of his meeting with Jack Ruby, why he wore those silly glasses and an encyclopediac knowledge of The King's 33 movies.

  • Speaking of Jarmusch, me say this week's must-see movie:  Coffee and Cigarettes starring Iggy Pop (check out his video with Peaches if you can find it), Jack and Meg White, Buscemi and Tom Waits.

  • Back in a few...

    UPDATE: Forgot to add: Sonic Youth have a new CD (Sonic Nurse) out this week -- check out their site (link to the right) for a mix tape with some live cuts and rarities (plus a few cuts from the new output).

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