Sunday, June 27, 2004

Well, my great experiment with my sound card has failed miserably. Someone asked the gory details but it's really easy. Ya plugz the output from one of your receiver "tape monitors" into the sound card input for your computer (that's the microphone 1/8" stereo jack for me). Ya firez up yr fave sound editor (in my case, that's appropriately called "sound editor") and hit record. Unfortunately, my receiver must be much more powerful than my sound card because, despite turning the volume all the way down on the microphone, I was "clipping" too much to get a decent recording. So there are several things I can do. The first was to see if it wasn't my sound editor program - so I fired up another sound editor program and the problem was the same. The second is to go buy a better sound card. Now, I've got a bit of a phobia about installing cards in my computer. I can do and have done it in the past but every so often one false move messes up your computer for good -- this almost happened to me when I tried to upgrade my graphics card but thanks to XP keeping a back-up I was able to recover my system.

So instead I went out and bought a Sony Compact Disc Recorder and am in the process of hooking it up and testing it. *Sigh*....

Here are some cool links while I work on it:

The Soft Explosions
are the winners of the Long Island Battle of the Garage Bands and will go onto the finals. I'm rootin' for 'em. Locally, the Nuclears won but the award was rescinded when it was learned one of their members was 16. So much for "all ages"... they've shown class about it and have links to the bands that will be going onto the finals in their steads.

The Stooges played Scotland - here's a link to a show review from a online zine I94bar. There's a ton of pictures (but I can't find Mike Watt even though he was there).

Iggy slips into the role of chief mischief maker-cum-riot starter when he asks: 'How many of you
want to come up here and fuck up this festival? - 'No Fun' .... "

So, being as the crowd can't come to Iggy, Iggy goes to the crowd as he takes an impromptu stroll along the length of the photo pit. Tossing aside mike stands like a matador toying with his cape, clambering atop the amps, stalking the stage like a wired loon and staring out the crowd with a catalogue of long gone facial expressions, Iggy is his usual irresistbly magnetic self.

Check out all of I94 Bar's latest live reviews here.

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