Thursday, June 24, 2004

I've been lax here. The reason is because the equipment I was using for my digitization broke down and I'm working a new solution -- what I should have done from the start. Okay, okay, I was real dumb and wanted an "elegant" approach and bought one of these 200 dollar machines. It's an absolute piece of shit (KLH in case you want to avoid it). I then had to move my turntable and receiver (and cassette deck) into my den (where the computer is) and am going to go direct into my PC -- like I should have done from the start.

So, I see Sonic youth is looking for summer gigs now that Lollapalooza cancexed. I really like their new CD - it's about all I have been listening to in the car. Kim's voice always got me off. I'm not as into the whole Thurston songs - he doesn't seem to have moved much in the last 10 years.

In the meantime, here's a review of the New York Dolls reunion *
And a story on all the reunions going on * -- by the way, I object to them calling this "college music" as I was listening to this stuff well out of my kawlich years.
Speaking of reunions, I would be remiss in noting the MC5 reunion. here's a story on it *

Also, Warren Ellis just spent the last week blogging Mp3s -- check out his blog on the right (Die Puny Humans) and Mystery & Misery is back. See also some good stuff from the other MP3 blogs. Anyway, I hope to get to some new records this weekend and hopefully some stuff I feel comfortable posting. I'm listening to a Minutemen LP but since it is easily available and SST is pretty legalish, I'm probably not going to post any MP3s but I do have some other more obscure stuff to play around with.

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Anonymous said...

Hope your new solution works -- looking forward to seeing what's next.

What are you using to hook turntable/deck up to your PC? I may very well follow suit.