Monday, August 01, 2005

Gary Higgins: Live on WFMU - 7-26-05

If you liked that recent Six Organs of Admittance album, you probably were floored by "Thicker Than a Smokey" which was written by Gary Higgins, who released an obscure album in 1973 called Red Hash on the eve of his three year prison term for pot. That album has now been re-released on Drag City records - I just received my order today and it's going straight into the car for tomorrow morning's ride.

Last week, he and his band of yore appeared and were interviewed on Brian Turner's WFMU show (WFMU's Tony Coulter is credited for keeping the album alive) and played two songs and did an interview with Turner.

The full setlist and links to Real Player and MP3 archives is here. There's also some live music with Ben Chasny of Six Organs, who had a major role in getting this album reissued, later in the same show and he participates in the interview.

Here's a rip of "Thicker Than A Smokey" from that show which came out real nicely - I especially dig the instrumental/vocal bridge between the chorus and the verses.

"Thicker Than a Smokey" - Gary Higgins and band(Dave Beaujon: Bass, Graham Higgins: Guitar, Maureen Wells: Cello, Gary Higgins, Vocal/Guitar.) , live on WFMU, 7-26-05

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Mike McGonigal still has the original version (approved by Zach of Drag City) up on his Buked And Scorned site

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slickdpdx said...

That was a great show!