Thursday, August 04, 2005

Looks like it's you and me again tonight, Coco Rosie

...kook music - what suckdog might have evolved to if Costes didn't keep on running around naked through their psyches ... go to tgrecs to stream it too... preorder it at nokarma

"Noah's Ark"

photo by Ed Wenn


Anonymous said...

That Suckdog comparison is hilarious!

One day I'm almost certainly going to listen to Rape GG again. But not today. Or indeed this year. I need to go into training first.

Hector Savage said...

Blog entry title of the year, man...

I think I just gave myself a hernia laughing.


McFly said...

Actually played with Lisa Suck Dog at DC Space when I was with Esmirelda, oh yeah, I was there when Costas threw pigs feet in to the crowd and it hit our slave Maggie in the head. They also left with all the door money that night.