Friday, August 26, 2005

Various Punks: One Big Crowd

Big City Records, 1985

A NYC-metro "scene unity" compilation of which there were many in this time period. 20 bands, 25 cuts. One LP.

Doesn't mean it's all generic retardothrash, tho', boyos or by-the-numbers doofusmosh - in other words, don't let a dumb cover and lame premise throw you off the scent of potentially good tracks.

Side 1 is the New Punk City side with cuts from Unjust (Pukelyn, NYC), Armed Citizens (Asstoria, NYC) and a killer slice of nihilistic sludge and damaged thrash ("No Hope") from Shok(also Asstoria). A big ol' shrug for the rest of the cuts though which epitomize the worst of stinkhead NYC at that time (Sheer Terror, Psychos, Krieg Kopf, etc.)

Side 2 could be called The Revenge of the Burbs with a buncha of the best cuts coming from the underappreciated Buy Our Records stable on the New Jerskey side of the border. Yeah, there's some AOD (Vadgehall, NJ) cuts (including their thrash version of the Lost in Space theme) and I'm sure that was a major reason for people to buy it. The standout,tho for moi, is a messy maracas-shakin' stoner rock song ("Time") from Bodies in Panic of bUnion, NJ...

76% Uncertain also represents quite well, my dear, for Bridgepunk, Snottetticut with pre-DCemocore-inspired "Another". Also of note - Vatican Commandos, Violent Children and Pleased Youth also rate a digital nod here. Stetz, Bedlam, better luck next crime - I'm glad also that Sacred Denial finally explain just what exactly "Sacred Denial" is - I think it has something to do with Eddie Van Halen's guitar box. And it's way lame... I mean SUPPORT THE SCENE, DUDEZ!!!

NYC-Metro One Big Crowd '85 Mp3 Mix (Punk Fucking Rock):

LINKS (not a lot - this record is out of print and mostly forgotten):


Eric said...

Huh. I was going to do this one a couple of weeks ago but gave up and changed direction with Bouncing Babies. Side 2 is vastly superior, though I have a softspot for Sheer Terror (must be my whole anger management problem).

And the Bodies in Panic track is my favorite. Wouldn't have said that years ago

Brent McD. said...

76% Uncertain is great. Had almost forgotten about them. Have some stuff on an old mix tape somewhere. Do you have any more of theirs...?

Jim H said...

Brent - check out Eric's blog... he did a post on 76% Uncertain last year and I think some of the MP3s are still active. Here's the link

Jim H said...

Oh and you might ask if he's had a chance to rip Burning Log yet.

michael m. said...

hi jim h.

pretty long i am looking for this record...if i could have a copy on cd...over here in germany i cant get it...i would burn for it...thanx...michael ;-)

Anonymous said...

I used to play drums for Bodies in Panic. This was done before I joined. Is there any way for me to get a copy?


TheSNakE said...

I played bass in The Unjust. We were from the Bronx, not pukelyn:-) Oh and I have OBC on mp3 if mark needs it still. cheers, Joe

ambrose1am said...

Wow, this looks like a great comp. Can you post those MP3 downloads again?