Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Night Friday Download Night

I know its been awhile awhile and I hope to have some tasty old vinyl tasty stuff up tonight but usual blogger excuses apply (working busy at work, pleasing the lady friend please and, oh yeah, my Mom has some sort of brain cancer and she's losing her memory... oh yeah, that)...

Anyway, I dismissed The Golden Dogs when I was sweeping my SXSW sweep a few weeks ago and with righteous cause cuz the lame song they had up for download ("Birdsong") was pretty lame. But while sitting in traffic and thumbing through the latest Paste compilation/sampler (also for the most part, lame), their song called "Yeah!" kept me coming back for more, and more and then roll down my window and turn it up more and then repeat it again.

So....I notice a few thingie things worth noticing - the phrase "no way out" is used a lot and I liked that other song called "No Way Out" released by Love of Diagrams (and theirs sort of a kindred kinship between these two bands whether they know it or not), the song has a sort of Rolling Stones ba-ba-bada-ba-ba-ba vocal response (and the Stones' best songs like "Spend the Night Together" and "Paint It Black" almost always had some sort of nonsense la-la-la vocal thing in them) and the song itself is in 7/4 and I'm always a sucker for weird meters in pop songs.

I don't know why that's important but the combination of all these elements might contribute to my inability to get it off my CD player. Hope it makes your Friday night prep...

"Yeah!" - The Golden Dogs

Props: Culture Bully beat me to this...

Update: Coke Machine Glow reviewed this last year and said its a reissue of a 2003 album... they loved "Birdsong" but don't mention "Yeah!"


Jim H said...

More reasons to like or hate this:

1) the way the one guitar in the right speaker curls its note
2) the way the singer sometimes sings "yeah" as "Geaaaah"
3) the halting drumming in the break

Jon said...

real sorry to hear about your mom.