Wednesday, April 05, 2006

United Mutation: Rainbow Person

7" EP on DSI Records, 1982

Psychedelic hardcore wasn't that welcome when it first hit the scene at least as I remember it - partic. here in DC despite United Mutation's presence on the beloved Alive and Kicking compilation but it sound great now. It's also one of the few recordings of the era where the "Inner Ear 'sound'" (where the microphones are in the basement and band plays in the living room - just kidding, Don Z.) works.

UM's singer is often credited (or blamed) as one of the originators of the "cookie monster" singing style although I don't think that's true - there were plenty of bands around this time singing in that fashion. Just pick up an old Pushead comp or some Jap hardcore. At any rate, "Infinite Regression" has a sort of version of that singing style so judge it for yourself. is a big lover of UM and has several reviews. This one includes a band history from bassist Jay.

"Infinite Regression" - an experimentalish metallic-psyche piece and reverby "lost" guitar
"Zone" - more pysche-metal that that is sort of hardcore Hawkwind with a bluesy metal vocal

Trying to beat the outage - so sorry if this is rushed...

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x379 said...

i still see john fox around town. he's totally into hawaiian music now, believe it or not!