Thursday, April 06, 2006

Honor Role: Craig Olive "EP"

"Twist" b/w "Lives of Saints No. 135 (Naked Wife)" (Homestead Records) --- I don't like the A-side so much - "Twist" - there's a problem with the compression in the recording, I dunno, it bothers me. Judging it outside the production problems, it's okay, I guess, sounds a little bit like a lot of the Homestead indie-pop-rocks (Big Dipper, Antietam, early YLT) only a bit more limp and, well, again with this, it's poorly mixed or recorded. I almost didn't bother digitizing it.

But side two, the ostensible flipside, is totally different and one of the best examples of the meshing of that Emocore "genre" with its opposite partner of the era, Pigfuck (for lack of a better term - that Wire/Big Black/Squirrel Bait /Rapeman/Didgits eggcetra eggcetra shit)... I got no idea who Craig Olive is or why the song is entitled "Lives of Saints No. 135 (Naked Wife)" but I'm sure someone thought it was a good idea at the time.

Whatever, this song don't let up and they have to fade it out (early in my opinion) to get the room desteamed.

"Lives of Saints No. 135 (Naked Wife)"


Buy this:
Every good rock collection deserves some HR.

And while Craig Olive (and Homestead) are long out of action but these songs and many other good ones from other albums (Rictus being their best) are still widely available on the retrospective Album (that's the name). Here's some froogle prices for ya.


m said...

recall they were a pretty good live act too ...

mining that angst somewhere along the dusty college rock trail along with other outcast contemporaries like Jesus Lizard & Saccharine Trust...

fnordboy said...

"I'm lame, and I'm hungry, and I worship your dirt." I know I have this on a mixtape somewhere . . . For some reason I thought this was a Rye Coalition song - I was wrong.