Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MacRock #4 - the golden ticket says pass

who do you think you are, edie sedgewick?
pict courtesy wikipedia

Gar... what have I gotten myself into. Let's make this short - here's the line-up of the next group o' bands:

Clementine Cafe

153 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA, 22801

4:50pm - 5:10pm Rapid Cities
5:30pm - 5:50pm Title Tracks (ex Q and Not U)
6:10pm - 6:30pm The House Floor
6:50pm - 7:20pm New Rock Church of Fire
7:40pm - 8:10pm The Fordists
8:30pm - 9:00pm Edie Sedgwick
9:20pm - 9:50pm Liquid Limbs
10:10pm - 10:50pm Fin Fang Foom
11:10pm - 12:00pm Medications

This is sort of the obligatory Mac-Rock Dischord-lovein line-up full of "good guy bands" - mostly soul-less and over-saturated with influence and too smothered in their earnestness to really stick out in a crowd. Doon't get me wrongga... They're all technically competent and perhaps talented but they seem to lack any sort of meaningful life experience beyond seeing Fugazi play live. And that ain't enuf.

Out of this group, Edie Sedgewick is an original and pretty funny if you follow his campy set-up - ironically, though, its an act which, if it had come out of outsider land, it would have never gotten the acceptance it has received. That said, it's just a bit too thought out to truly be a wonderful outsider act. Is he still doing his music backup with an iPod I wonder?

I'm happy to see Medications are back together - they had some good songs back in 2005 but then lost steam when their drummer moved on... if there's no other conflicts, I would try to check them out, see where they're heads are at.

"Twine Time" - dl ctsty: Medications

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BWAH! I just want you to know that I am not a good guy and that you are also rather lazy.