Thursday, April 02, 2009

MacRock #6 - Saturday night's alright for drowsing

The line-up:

Court Square Theater

61 Graham St., Harrisonburg, VA, 22801

5:00pm - 5:20pm The Great Migrators
5:30pm - 5:50pm Wild Animal Party
6:10pm - 6:30pm Moon High
6:50pm - 7:20pm The Cinnamon Band
7:40pm - 8:10pm Cinemasophia
8:30pm - 9:00pm Gifts From Enola
9:20pm - 9:50pm Power Pill Fist
10:10pm - 10:50pm Pattern is Movement
11:10pm - 11:50pm Cast Spells (Dave of Maps and Atlases)

Great Migrators and Wild Animal Party are two local bands, interesting listens, unpolished indie pop-rock. They don't strike me as nothing special but then again they don't seem horrible or anything.

Moon High is an anamoly from Columbus, Oh - a folk collective from a town that usually produces more rockinger types.

Cinnamon Band is another local act - two men, one guitar, one drum set - Songs:Ohia, Great Lakes Swimmers type stuff.

Richmond gives us Cinemasophia, a new group (if by new you mean two years old and about ready to drop their first full-length), that has an interesting lush, fuzzy quality to them - like a big old blanket - the layered vocals, crispy but wet drum sound and jews harp guitar wants to wraps around your ears. I think the kids call it shoegaze or something. I'm most interested in hearing more here. Jay Breitling, (( whomever HE is but I understand he likes it when you say his name)), has listened to their recent album with great intensity - here.

Gifts From Enola do the cinematic orchestral instrumental Crack the Explosions on the Saxon Shore thing, I guess, I do. Not my cup of ale but Dog bless 'em anyway as I'm sure they bring light into someone's world.

Power Pill Fist are: electrical powertool kitchysink chunky-sized hypnohouse industromeat improv(able) videogling gamertong bleatreatbliptrip stuff. They live to own YOU. Not me. YOU.

Pattern is Movement - I'd like these guys more if they grew longer beards and got balder and fatter. This is what I love about them, fuck the music. No seriously, I saw them in 2005 and I was blown away and that's not usually the case with highly choreographed prog-math type duo (trio?) (to be fair, I think their band was larger when I saw them last). I think its just that I respect the hell out of their hearing ability, the ability to keep all in tune, melody, rhythm and make it look like they're eating lunch or taking the dog for a walk.

First time, I saw a drummer roll his brushes on his snare like he was kneading dough and it made such an asskicking sound that I've never been able to reproduce. No really seriously, fatter and balder, please. I need company at these shows.

"Right Away" - courtesy Home Tapes

Cast Spells has that sort of laid back American Analog Set vibe going. Or is it just that they use vibraphone that I'm drawing the comparison. Interesting, never heard of them before but they're from Chicago and list Pattern is Movement as a friend on their whyspace page.

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