Saturday, April 04, 2009

MacRock Live Friday

Some quick impressions of the bands.

American Tourist - needed three songs to warm up and by the fourth song (which was very good) their set was over. They do suffer from a bit of sameness in song structure. Think Okkervil River - whisper to scream dynamics.

Josh Small - nice picking; too much singing.

Tideland - Tight enough hardcore - they could use a week or so more rehearsing.

Pygmy Lush - dronethrash with overtones of Flipper, Buttholes

Brainworms - incredible set of prog-core. Extremely tight and awesome sound/mix.

Antlers - I couldn't really dig this after Brainworms. Instrumentalcore, I think -- I left after two songs.

Extraordinaires - Decemberists meets Jam band but without the Jam and plus English glam/classical rock + reggae overtones. Nice songs - worth tracking - look for new record soon.

Des Ark - strutting and boiling rage on stage. I like her rocking songs - she's got some great musicians backing her and her stage prescense makes up for the lack of guitar prowess - but her acoustic stuff was hard to hear and I'm afraid if I could have I'd stamp it overly precious. That said, the rocking songs were some of the best I heard that night (Brainworms might have peaked over the top, though).

Medications - very tight, post-dischord era progpunk. Good to see them together again.

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