Saturday, October 02, 2004

Batman, Motion Picture Soundtrack
Prince, WB 1989
This is one I'm not going to post any music for - not sure I want to piss off the Purple One. Just wanted to note, for anyone who gives a rat's ass, that it's in my collection and about four songs were worth digitizing ("Partyman," "The Future," "Batdance" and "Electric Chair"). I suppose I bought this in the heat of that Batman frenzy of 1989 and the fact that it combined Prince, Jack Nicholson and my beloved DC comic book hero (yes, Bats over Supes anyday). That said, I like dancemusicsex Prince ("Erotic City" brings memories) but not romance ballad Prince. And there's more than a little bit of the latter (yawn) in here.... I have to wonder if DC Comics was a bit wierded out by such lyrical images as Bruce Wayne telling a dirty jokes to Vicki Vale and "Gemini" (Prince's apparent imagined alter ego villian) wanting to stick his 7" in a computer. Does that fall under the Comics Code?
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hillary said...

Yay! Batman soundtrack. Gets no respect, but is pretty cool.

Jim H said...

Wasn't it one of Prince's last thing with WB?