Tuesday, October 05, 2004

coffee and cigarettes mp3 mix #5

Late night, early flight might as well stay up and listen to music edition...

Surreal out of context comic frames are cool!

coffee and cigarettes mp3 mix is a irregular feature utilizing found audio to create a soundscape suitable for imbibing in two (or three) of the holy trinity of legal intoxicants... as this is found audio, i do not control whether or how long these mp3s will be available nor whether they are "legal" (by whatever definition you choose)...

tonight's blend includes Major Dickason's blend (rich and complex) laced with TQ Hot and my white box of English Ovals ...

Star Gazing - Dora Flood (referring page) - I first came across Dora Flood in Mystery and Misery. This track didn't make it to Jason's original M&M post. It's a perfect way to kick off our late night Coffee and Cigarettes MP3 mix, sitting on the roof of my building with a warm thermos, some tunes and of course my Ovals... alas, no stars but if I drink enough of this, I might be seeing a few.

Fiction - This is Exploding (referring page, select downloads) - Let's get a little bit more busy before we mellow out too much. This Is Exploding is an emerging band from Cleveland that played DC this past August and are still on tour. It's smart pop music with bruises, big fat swelling fuzzy black and blue bruises. Check out their website and the other downloads there. The mp3 itself comes courtesy of Cleveland Ain't It Fun fanzine and the downloads section should take you several weeks to get through.

Brighton - The New Loud Reeds (referring page) - Again from the Cleveland Ain't It Fun website, comes Cleveland's answer to the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols. This 6/8 strut makes me want to put on a swell jacket, black tshirt and sunglasses and go strolling down the beach. Quoth Julian Cope:
"Delightful babies, truly unctuous self-obsession at its highest level (‘Without warning a wizard walks by!’). ‘Teenage Metalhead’ has a polio strut to die for (nay, live for) and they even finish the record with a song called ‘Peter Laughner’!" Lots more sounds on their website for you to peruse.

Perks and Presents (remix) - Mark Robinson (legal) (see also) -
unrest was his band and was on teen beat, local lo-fi pioneers, now he's solo doing the quiet and loud thing, still working his wonderful lyrics into deceptively simple and layered tracks where he (apparently) is playing all the instruments.

The Body of An American -
Pogues (referring page) (lyrics) - if you watch HBO's Wired, you may have heard this last night as (improbably) sung at the wake of a policeman in an Irish pub, the cop laid out in full uniform on a pool table. A touching scene, even if I doubt that a bunch of Baltimore cops would know the words to a Pogues song... still, I was living in Baltimore when the Pogues were touring and they played Baltimore quite a bit.

Coming Back to You - Leonard Cohen (referring page) (lyrics) - This is from Martin Gore's home page and you can hear Gore's version of this song if you go to the referring page.

And today in found images... courtesy Washington Post.

Janet Leigh R.I.P.

This feller is 105 years old and is in fine fettle. He drinks coffee every day. Full story here.

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