Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bebe Buell & The Gargoyles
"The Jacuzzi Jungle" 7" single
Route One Records, 1987

A not all that remarkable single that falls into the 60's retro category from this Portland, Maine 4-piece. The A-side has a nice little skank beat to it, with a decent gee-tar break but the singer never really lets loose, like say a Tex Jones or even Debby Harry might do with this. The B-side ("13 Wrong Turns") is even less remarkable where Ms. Buell deadpans and drawls a little bit too much. They're one of those bands that I'm betting was better live with a few shots of tequila under your belt.

Several singles were released by this outfit in the late '80s and then they went into hiatus as Ms. Buell raised her precocious daughter. If you like this type of stuff, a 1994 release, Retrosexual, collected these songs and is about to be re-released.

That said, outside of her music career, Bebe Buell is quite prolific, not content to be just a Ford's model, Playboy Playmate and Rockstar arm ornament, she's written a book, been an inspiration for a memorable movie character and that daughter, well, she turned out OK, too.

"Jacuzzi Jungle" (4.7 Mb, 167 kbps VBR)

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Anonymous said...

from one of your links:

PB: There's a passage in the book about Jimmy Page's weird penchant for "spewing saliva" into your mouth when you were having sex. Was that a control thing?

BB: I think that was his way of putting some of himself in me. But, really, it was very romantic. Jimmy was very romantic.

...oh that's just... now if she would write a song about THAT...