Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fats Domino Reported Missing

My old man just came up from his basement and told me. Rolling Stone has the story so far and here's a Google News search for updates. His website has a buncha MP3s if you want to think good thoughts about him and listen to his music. Let's hope this true legend of rock and roll and early pioneer is found safe and sound.

"Whisky Heaven" (I'm hosting this to alleviate pressure on his website but it was downloaded off his website - there are several more there)

Jason has more at One Louder...

UPDATE: And now R. L. Burnside is reported dead in Memphis - unrelated to the hurricane, of course, but still a terrible blow to the music world. Squeeze My Lemon has a report. Arggh!

UPDATE to the above UPDATE (Sept 2): Dante has links to other music blogs discussing Burnside's legacy and loss. Also, slightly off subject, Squeeze My Lemon has a post on Katrina and links to others doing more heavy lifting.

UPDATE: Apparently Fats was rescued but 'missing'. But, The Stranger's Slog reports he was seen in the Superdome:
Stranger photographer Victoria Renard (and former NOLA resident) reports that Fats Domino has turned up at the Superdome.


Jim H said...

Three whole posts in one day... this vacation thing is pretty cool. I should do it more often.

Courtney said...

No Rock and Roll Fun is reporting that Alex Chilton is listed among the missing.

Jim H said...

via a mailing list I'm on:

Memphian Alex Chilton, 54, the famed rock singer and guitarist who
lives in New Orleans is alive and well.

Ron Easley, a friend and fellow musician who has recorded a number of
albums with him, said Chilton called early Monday morning from a hotel
in a city Easley would not name. He said Chilton was evacuated by
helicopter from his home Sunday and later flown out of the area.

Chilton, who hadn't been heard from since shortly after Hurricane
Katrina struck, told Easley he stayed in his home the entire time and
water had gotten up to his porch. Chilton said he had food and water
but was most concerned during the week about roving gangs.

Dusty said...

Is that an Alex Chilton/Big Star mailing list? What's their sign-up page?

Jim H said...

Yahoo Groups has a
Chilton group
which has more details and fan obsessive speculation - there's also a Big Star group (link) as well.

I actually got the news from e-mole, an Ontario indie-music type group although I see its been in a number of other music blogs.

Jim H said...

Ref above - I don't mean "fan-obsessive" in an all encompassing sense - more that there was some rumor and speculation being posted about the situation. One of the email list members is in touch with a friend of the family (and runs a fan web page which is posting what appear to be accurate updates) and has been receiving updates that correlate with the early report via Ron Easley (and the e-mole mailing list).