Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm Seeing Things I Should Never See

I would never deign to tell my readers what to do but I'll just say that my charity of choice is Second Harvest - I've donated money for all my little nieces and nephews that are going to be christened this weekend and made a contribution in my own name... Second Harvest does food and water -- if you don't have money but have some non-perishable food to donate, this website has a database of local food banks which you can call and see if they are putting together donations for the Gulf Coast region. Even if you donate food for local purposes, it takes the burden off the national response.

I wanted to write a whole bunch about this album this week and all the great covers and music therein... but right now I'm just in shock at the Creator's malevolence.

Listening to this record while I watch the muted news channel, it seems, at times, all so appropriate, odd as that may seem. This album about losing your mind, reverting to your primitive nature (even if much of it is a bit too cute at times -- "Jungle Hop", "The Natives Are Restless") hits home right now. The Cramps aren't from New Orleans or Biloxi or Gulfport but with all their songs about voodoo and horror, they should be honorary citizens.

Covers "Primitive" and "Rockin' Bones" are my favorites for sentimental purposes (and the fact that Lux seems to come out from behind his personna in "Primitive") but its Lux and Ivy's original: "Beautiful Gardens" that best fits my mindset and Der Zeitgeist at this point... maybe there aren't vampire lesbians out to get me but I woke up last night after a nightmare about rising waters (and no, I didn't have to pee either).

Just listen to the lyrics and the maybe not-so-pretend anguish - did you ever think being a Cramp is always fun?:

"I'm seeing things I should never see... what in the world has come over me... I've lost touch with reality, reality, reality... floating away from reality... the angry sea..."

this comes from the 1981 LP Psychedelic Jungle


"Beautiful Gardens" - The Cramps

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Kid Congo, Lux, Ivy and Nick Knox

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