Friday, September 16, 2005

FRIDAY SONG: "Get On The Bus"

Someone acksed in the comments section of a recent post what songs RC Mob did on that great little cassette compilation, When Cows Ruled The Earth I bloggered a few months back... yeah, blast from the recent past.

Answer to question: "Get On Off The Bus" and "Rock Dog"

Here's the former, scuze the hiss (and you may need to turn it up even higher as my digitization talents weren't that good back then) - it later turned up on Omerta - it makes a great Friday song and what better way to go out on the town but (off) the bus, maaaan - download it and crank it:

"Get OnOff The Bus" - Royal Crescent Mob

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Updated 9/17/05 to embarassingly correct song title... duh...


RJ said...

You are a gentleman! Thanks for the info, thanks for the MP3. Is there any additional info on the RC Mob or the songs in the liner notes?

take care,


Jim H said...

I'm so embarassed - the title of the song is "Get OFF the Bus" not Get On The Bus. Pls change your ID3s.

The tape compilers provided some notes on this song and the other and there's an address for the R.C. Mob.

Kevin Baker of Not Another Fanzine wrote about "Get Off The Bus": "This song is already legent, one that starts in the mideast & the coasts catch up when they hear Land of Sugar, their EP on No Other Records.

Jim H said...

Oh yeah - here's what was written about "Rock Dog" (which I didn't rip cuz the sound was too awful): "These kinds of things happen in YOUR neighborhood too. A non-LP cut" (Keith Baker).

Craig Koon, the other fanzine editor, wrote: "One of the more blatant rip-offs of "Wango Tango" I've run across."

RJ said...

You have been a great help. Thanks for all!