Monday, September 12, 2005

Songs For Taking a Walk (Even if Only In Your Mind)

Did you ever hear something first thing on a Monday morning that you thought was going to make your week and then just as you leave someone comes by or calls you up and points out something that was subtle and negative about this supposedly good news and you leave work with an instant headache? It could be worse, though, I guess - it's just bullshit at work after all and there's no reason to stress about it even if I do anyway.

Maybe this calamity in the Gulf Coast will make us more charitable and less materialistic as a people. I'm hoping, at least. There are some great songs here, sequenced for effect. Enjoy.

(screen shot of Rock Hudson in Seconds)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great music you post. I know this sounds cheesy, but you have a wonderful blog.

Jim H said...


RJ said...

Hi! Thanks for the great blog.
In an old entry you bring up this tape:
When Cows Ruled the Earth (Yet Another Fanzine Compilation, 1985).
Would you remember what Royal Crescent Mob track was on it?

Jim H said...

See Hear

Peter said...

And here I thought I was the only person that had ever heard of The Ex.