Friday, April 29, 2005

Hagged & Bagged and Nothing to Listen to This Friday?

Even those homebound homeboys (and girls) need something to groove on while they change diapers, perform their spousal duties and empty the trash (and yes, in that order)... they need something to put a smile on their faces. And shouldn't it be appropriately loud and nasty?

Here's a cut I missed in my March SXSW Mp3 harvest and it was right popular on the other side of the pond in 2004 - making a few end of year lists, even. Since the artist's new website doesn't offer too much in terms of MP3s (seems to be a common trend among those folks we help make famous), better take it while the takin' is good.

It's a great way to start of the weekend with a healthy sneer and a Ramone-ish swagger. I wish I had written these lyrics but they make a perfect accompaniement to dampening jealousy against those folks that get to go out and party all night....

Hey man you think you got it made
Groovin' and you stink on your fender bass
Got on your aviators shades
Yeah man you're looking really ace
So what the hell you're doing here
Filling the space between my ears
Why don't you all just disappear

And speaking of which, now that the sole surviving Ramone has announced he's going into alt-country, we need a new punk rock power pop hero. Ladddies and Gentleworms, I present to you:

Graham Coxon

Song download: "Freaking Out" - download courtesy SXSW

This song is free and legal (freegal)


This weekend I've got the following oldies in the B is for batter's cage. Drop me a line if you have any good Dicks stories, fucked Billy Bragg (just kidding) or think Boy Dirt Car was the best noise band from the upper Midwest ever:

Big Boys and The Dicks Split LP
Billy Bragg Brewing it up with ...
Boy Dirt Car


conrad said...

Well, I didn't fuck Billy Bragg but I saw him in what I think was his prime, at McCabe's in Santa Monica in '85. He did two long sets, including loads of covers. I particularly remember a version of Cliff Richard's "Voice in the Wilderness" as "Voice of the Wildebeest" and an excellent "Garageland". Even the political rants were entertaining.

Jim H said...

Well, just as long as you were getting a living wage while doing it, I guess that's okay. I saw him around that time as well and he did long sets back then too.