Friday, April 01, 2005

More MaCRoCk

Travis Morrison by daftchris

Given the weather forecast (rain followed by rain with intermittant bursts of rain), I think I'll just be hanging out at College Center Ballroom rather than trying to shuttle to the PC Ballroom to see Crystal Skulls and Black Mountain ... good news is that we'll see Travis Morrison (pictured), Decibully, Chris Leo, Sunburned hand, Paul Michel, codeseven ...

Here's a final round-up of some of the other notable arteestes playing this weekend:

"let the formula forge itself fantastic" - chris leo (vague angels)

"i think its beautiful that you are 256 colors too" - black moth super rainbow
"trees and colors and wizards" - black moth super rainbow
"i am the alphabet" - black moth super rainbow

the following MP3s are hosted by the undersound - they have a bunch of other bands plus some of the bands below have more than one MP3. I just listed the ones I liked.

"being shown blues" - the strugglers
"the cascade range" - the strugglers

"closer" - the tiny
"in my back" - the tiny

"plastic fangs" - fin fang foom
"in harm's way" - fin fang foom

"one at a time" - rahim

"illegal flights" - the navies

"tell me a lie" - del cielo

"twine time" - medications

"times like these" - paul michel
"it's only a problem" - paul michel


Matt said...

Just like to say you have a good blog and thanks for the songs..Im no good at writing messages..Anyway..thanks.

Jim H said...

Shucks thanks Matt - you must be a doctor... (sorry, a Lost reference)