Thursday, April 21, 2005

Reasons to not go camping in the rain this weekend

Supersystem - Thursday night w/Mary Timony.

I liked the El Guapo tune (MP3 link) "Fake French" from my SXSW romp last month, so I made it a point to look closer at Supersystem (their new name), a local DC band.

But I really like the single "Born Into The World"(MP3 link, ID3 tags need to be added) off their new album. Alas, the rest of the record is kinda generic indie dance pop, more upbeat than New Order, more "indie" than Tears for Fears and less intense than Love and Rockets - what might distinguish them from others is the north east African guitar riffs. But in my opinion, the single is all you should know from this album. You can stream the album here from T&G & make up your own minds.

Nevertheless, I may go see them tonight. They're playing at DC's tiny Warehouse Next Door.

Mary Timony (ex-Helium), who is opening, is getting a lot more blog love lately for her Ex-Hex album wherein she tries to banish the fairy princess persona her previous records got by adding Dischordians (Brendan Canty will be her touring bass) and it looks like Devin Ocampo will be joining her more permanently on drums. Together, they sound like what might happen if Marcy Mays and Meg White got married and formed a band. MP3s can be found on inSound and on Mary's page whenever she notices that the links don't work. She's worth arriving early.

Also opening is No Things - described as a Brooklyn rock band with the rhythm section from Liars who have a record on the Blast First (Petite) label. Alas, since I can't find any MP3s and the press flack description doesn't exactly enlighten me, I'll probably skip 'em.

As for da weekend in DC - Friday: The Silos (!) are still together and playing at the Iota but the real retro scene will be at the Black Cat with Har Mar Superstar and Ben Lee.

But forget the Silos, check out Saturday night a band that I thought was long dead...

((cymbal crescendo))

You're motoring...
what's your price for flight...
in finding mister/missus right
you'll be alright tonight

Yes, the one, the only ...celebrate 22 glorious years with Night Ranger... in Towson Maryland (that's Baltimore).

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Anonymous said...

ya ... El Guapo was won of the BEST on the SXSW sampler ...
Cartel De Santa with blah blah blah and Chico Bling are two other great ones. Kissenger gets a mention from me as well.