Friday, April 22, 2005

Your "I Live for the Weekend Pseudo Russian Historical Disco" Pick for Friday

I have no idea why Robert Weinberg, a Professor of Russian history, feels a Eurokraut mid 70's Disco group has anything to do with serious studies, but I guess these days it must take a lot to get his slacker students inspired, so who am I to argue? Certainly, it is offered in fair use, because, you know, higher education and all. And if you don't believe, the good Professor has offered a ton of Russian history links to bone up for the next pop quiz. But I do wonder if at the end of his lesson on the Stalin years, Prof Weinberg ends the class with, "oh, those Russian!"

We thank you, Professor, then from the bottom of our hearts for your fine educational innovations and encourage all Swathmore students to download this gem post-haste.

"Rah-Rah-Rasputin" - Boney M

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