Thursday, November 16, 2006

DC Space part of Text Tour

dc space now a Starbucks, damn it.
(photo via Washington Post via Yellow Arrow)

The Washington Post has an article on that Yellow Arrow DC-as-a-virtual-punk-museum (call me when they include the place where White Boy was arrested).

Ian MacKaye is interviewed. He doesn't have one of those "text-messaging things" (Ian, it's also called a modern cell phone. Cell phone.) but likes the website, I guess.

Alec MacKaye remembers a show in the text message tour:
While Bad Brains was playing the song "Riot Squad," MacKaye heard dogs barking and thought the noise was part of the song, to create a more riotlike effect. It took a while for the crowd to realize that the city's riot squad had just burst into the venue to clear people out of the club
Also Marion Barry is given ups for his full employment of teenager's program (this included musician gigs).

An accompanying movie plays Saturday at the warehouse.

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