Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What's Up With Me?

Why no posties in a long time? Between the every-weekend night shows I'm playing and a grueling deadline at work for a major demo in December, there's been little time to listen to music let alone rip old vinyl.

*Sad face*

Here's some links for you instead:

This weeks songfight is "Wedding Song"

These guys got "boned" by Myspace... via Whedonesque

More myspace hatefood here -- one of the founders sues the company for censoring out weblinks to competing websites. Now that myspace isn't cool anymore can bands please start their own websites again so I dont have to crawl (literally) through myspace and deal with their crappy audio player, must-log-in-to-see-pix crap, etc. etc.???

Best cheap shot of the week: "And the video is significant because it was the only time Stevie ever used a treadmill..."

I saw this first and meant to mention it but then Line Out gay-blogged about it and reminded me. Awesome L.A. hardcore pix from the L7 bassist are displayed at the LA Weekly.

Bradley's Alamac - Cat Power at MFA
Funky 16 Corners - Bill Cosby North Philadelphia
Smudge of Ashen Fluff - Yo La Tengo on the Radio
Music is Art - Fall pictures and MP3 mix
Sunglasses in Unforgiven - Larkin Grimm

And finally, for your election day moment of Big Daddy Byrd Zen:


Anonymous said...

Yeah, man.

Louie said...

Awhile back you posted an mp3 from the Black Mountain - "Stormy High" EP. Is there any chance you could repost/upload either or both of the mp3's from said EP? I am a huge fan of Black Mountain, but I do not currently have a working record player and I am in desperate need for new songs by them.

My email is louberyl@gmail.com if you are interested in helping a sad individual such as myself. Thanks!