Friday, November 17, 2006

A Very Special Final Jerry Springer Thoughts

(an occasional attempt to blog the old fashioned way, with opinions and text)

I do not agree that music/mp3 blogs that are popular have superior taste. At least lately. And no, I'm not going to name names and they aren't necessarily the ones Hype Machine says are popular (the algorithm they use doesn't make sense).

Most of the music (more than 50% at least) I am hearing being pushed on those blogs that are popular (again, no names) is pretty, well, shitty and I swear to Jessica that I'm not one of those "the best music was made in [insert year] here" types.

There's plenty of good music out there -- it's just that I think the pressure to be keep the hit rate/be the most popular/get more ads/junket invites/promos, etc. whatever has reduced the quality on many of these music blogs that are popular -- and I'm admitting this isn't empirical and I haven't the evidence to back it up -- just what I'm hearing when I click the mp3 or streaming links. Feelings, nothing more than feelings and hearing...

So, lets summarize the current state of many music/mp3 blogs that are popular these days: lots of posts, gotta get the hits, chase after every band that has buzz, be snarky/smart/trendy = Idolator who will someday be the most popular music blog, I would bet. Bleaaaah....

Again, just a feeling but there isn't that much good new music or new bands out there right now (maybe in 2004-2005) -- in fact, I think things have peaked and we're entering another dry period (this always happens when Democrats are ascendent, right?).

In other words, forget about the next big thing -- get your "soft eyes" back... be more critical and go into the archives to see what you missed.

So remember: take care of yourselves -- and each other.


Anonymous said...

It's funny you should mention that music tends to dry out whenever the Democrats are in power (or "ascendency" in your words). We saw the same thing happen back in 1991 (Remember? "The Year That Punk Broke"?). The Republicans were still in power with George Bush The Elder when the whole Seattle scene exploded. Next year: Clinton comes to power and music takes another nosedive.

Ergo, Democrats: Good For America And The World (generally speaking)...Bad For Music.

Jim H said...

Yeah, it's a good dorm room discussion. Of course, how do you reconcile NYC punk 77-79 (assuming you think it was a worthwhile chapter in music history)? (Possible retorts: Carter's Presidency was doomed from the get-go; he was never really in power; NYC Punk was so underground no one except in NYC knew about it).

Spin said...

Plenty of good indie rock and hip-hop was released during the first two years of the Clinton era, too, but it was probably all written during the reign of Senor Bush Senior.

I want to know what's up with all the kinder, gentler "alternative" music nowadays. Don't nobody want to piss anyone off anymore? They're are definitely people out there who deserve to be pissed off.